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“Jai’s T-shirts are the best!”

Lawrence Buell,
Lincoln, MA resident
Harvard University profes
sor emeritus,
Thoreau scholar
 and author of numerous books
including his most recent  

"Henry David Thoreau: Thinking Disobediently".

Minding My Own Small Business

The Native American indigenous peoples have much to teach about respecting this earth, and their spirit inhabits the lands across this country. On the local level in the Concord Massachusetts area, thousands of visitors travel each year from all parts of the globe to pay homage to the historical figures of the 19th century transcendentalists like, Henry David Thoreau, Ralph Waldo Emerson, and the Alcotts. In developing Jai Designs, I aim to link back in time to underscore the continuity of life with the emphasis on the common bonds we share in a way that will hopefully inspire people to connect with their own place in history/her-story wherever they are. As each generation leaves its imprint of human toils, travails, and triumphs, I offer this design to promote Thoreau's message of peace, rather than militant conquest. The t-shirt also makes a statement to recognize the importance of adapting through, and being agents of change and do whatever we can to create a better world. While this garment has a local theme, its' message is for all place and time and extends far beyond Concord, MA.

I Came, I Saw, I Concord T-shirt logo

Thoreau and Yoga

As a modern-day yogi, I saw the connections between Thoreau's life--as evidenced in his actions and his writing-- and that of a yogic lifestyle. Yet, I had no tangible prior knowledge of his interest in yogic writings and philosophy. My intuitions were confirmed when I read that “Thoreau was likely the first American to entertain seriously the possibility of identifying himself as a yogi.”, according to the religious studies scholar Richard Davis. In Thoreau, we have an excellent example of what karma yoga--the yoga of selfless action--looks like. Read this interesting article by Jeremy David Engels.

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